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The Art of Hearing God for Kids

The Art of Hearing God for Kids


Ages: 6-12

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This digital copy of The Art of Hearing God for Kids t is designed to take our children on a journey to encounter the Father’s love through Jesus Christ. They will discover Mighty God and be equipped to know Him and partner with Him to do great things for the Kingdom of God.


     “The people that know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” -Daniel 11:32


Each of the EIGHTEEN lessons equip and impart Kingdom truths through their favorite Bible stories as the kids experience the love and power of God. This Word and Spirit based curriculum establishes a strong biblical foundation while creating space for children to 

encounter the Holy Spirit.


Each Lesson includes:        

  • Simple and time saving preparation
  • Bible-based lessons packed with Scripture and a weekly memory verse
  • Innovative lesson development for different learning styles
  • Captivating review with fun activities of art, drama, and games 
  • Closing that provides scripture engagement and listening to the voice of the Lord


Unit 01: Knowing God’s Voice

     Lesson 1: Who Heard God? 

     Lesson 2: What Does God Sound Like?  

     Lesson 3: How Does God Speak?  

     Lesson 4: Strange Ways God Speaks  

     Lesson 5: How Can I Hear God? 

     Lesson 6: My Sheep Hear My Voice


Unit 02: The Fruit of the Spirit and Character

     Lesson 7: Love—God Loves You 

     Lesson 8: Loving God and Loving Others  

     Lesson 9: The Fruit of the Spirit  


Unit 03: How to Hear Better

     Lesson 10: Prayer—Talking to God 

     Lesson 11: Bible Reading

     Lesson 12: Godward Meditation 

     Lesson 13: Obedience, Respect, and Honor 


Unit 04: Difficulties to Hearing God

     Lesson 14: Your Mind 

     Lesson 15: Your Mouth 

     Lesson 16: Your Ears and Eyes 


Unit 05: What is Prophecy?

     Lesson 17: Who Were the Prophets in the Bible? 

     Lesson 18: How to Give a Word 


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